1. Definitions

All definitions refer to both the Booking Contract and this ‘Terms and Conditions’. Music For My Wedding Ltd. shall be referred to as ‘MFMW’, subcontracted musicians as ‘the artist[s]’ and the client as ‘the client’. On behalf of the ‘client’ MFMW engages the ‘artist’ to perform for the event outlined in the Booking Contract on the date(s) specified and at the fee(s) specified.

2. Confirming the booking

i) ‘Confirmation’ will mean any verbal, electronic or written acceptance of a booking, and these terms, by BOTH the ‘client’ and MFMW.

ii) All bookings take effect immediately upon ‘confirmation’.

iii) Upon ‘confirmation’, MFMW will email a Booking Contract to the ‘client’. An affirmative reply by the ‘client’ constitutes an acceptance of MFMW’s ‘Terms & Conditions’, and must be received before any contract can take effect. Failure to return the Booking Contract is not sufficient to cancel the booking or acceptance of these terms.

iv) The agreed booking deposit is payable on receipt of invoice and strictly within 5 working days. See section 4 (‘Payment of Fees’) for payment methods.

3. Changes to contract

The agreed booking fees may be subject to change (in agreement with both MFMW and the ‘client’) if any details on the contract are altered. All changes to the contract must be arranged and agreed by MFMW in advance of the event.

4. Payment of fees

The deposit and balance can be paid online through the online payment service on MFMW’s website or by BACS transfer. Full payment details are available on the client’s invoice. Unless otherwise agreed by MFMW and the ‘client’ in writing, the balance is payable to MFMW by debit/credit card or BACS transfer no later than 28 days prior to the event.

5. Cancellations

Cancellation by the ‘client’

Cancellation by the ‘client’ is not allowed for any reason except circumstances covered by ‘force majeure’ (see clause 11). In the event that the ‘client’ cancels the booking, the ‘client’ agrees to inform MFMW immediately.

i) Cancellation by the ‘client’ within 48 hours of confirmation will not carry a cancellation fee unless the event date is within the following 28 days, in which case the full booking fee will be due.

ii) Cancellation by the ‘client’ after 48 hours of confirmation and up to 90 days from the event will result in loss of deposit.

iii) Cancellation by the ‘client’ within 90 days and up to 28 days of the event will result in loss of deposit and 50% of the remaining balance will be payable by the ‘client’ to MFMW within 5 working days.

iv) Cancellation by the ‘client’ within 28 days of the event will result in loss of deposit and 100% of the remaining balance will be payable by the ‘client’ to MFMW within 5 working days.

Cancellation by MFMW

Cancellation by MFMW is not allowed for any reason except circumstances covered by ‘force majeure’ (see clause 11). In the unlikely event that the ‘artist’ cancels the booking, and MFMW is unable to find a suitable replacement, MFMW agrees to refund the ‘client’ their deposit plus any other booking fees already paid in advance. Should the ‘artist’ cancel a booking under circumstances not covered by ‘force majeure’ (see clause 11), and MFMW is unable to find a suitable replacement, the ‘client’ may pursue damages from the ‘artist’ as they see fit.

6. Changes on the day

Any changes will be subject to these terms and conditions. Any changes to the contract schedule on the day of event must be agreed between the ‘client’ and the ‘artist’ with any additional costs paid directly to MFMW.

Changes to contract hours

i) The ‘client’ agrees to notify MFMW of any additonal contract hours; which are subject to these terms and conditions.

ii) Additional hours will be subject to a supplementary charge at MFMW’s standard hourly rate for the ‘artist’ hired.

iii) MFMW will invoice the ‘client’ for any additional costs incurred within 5 working days with the balance being due within 28 days.

7. Re-engagement of the ‘artist’

The ‘client’ agrees to negotiate all future bookings of the ‘artist’ with MFMW and not with the ‘artist’ directly, for the period covering the issue date of the contract until 5 years after the event date on the contract.

8. Standard artist requirements

It is the responsibility of the ‘client’ to ensure that:

i) A safe source of power is provided for the ‘artist’, should the ‘artist’ require power, and that all local authority regulations are adhered to. Further information regarding power requirements specific to each artist will be detailed on the contract.

ii) The performance venue will provide a safe performance area, and to ensure that the venue is happy to accommodate the performance of such live music, including any live music licences. Other considerations, such as noise limiters, should be mutually agreed between MFMW and the ‘client’ prior to booking. Any relevant information should be disclosed to MFMW prior to booking confirmation.

iii) A suitable performance area is provided.

iv) Any refreshments as specified on the booking contract are made available.

9. Timings and equipment

Unless a specific time has been agreed in writing between the ‘client’ and MFMW, the ‘artist’ will arrive with sufficient time as to prepare which may be as much as 90 minutes prior to the scheduled start time, depending upon the requirements of the specific act. This time will be used to set-up equipment, sound check (if necessary) and change into performance outfits. If the ‘artist’ is required to arrive at the venue earlier than 90 minutes prior to the performance, extra fees may apply. The ‘artist’ is responsible for providing all equipment. It is usually a good policy for the ‘client’ to provide a secure space for the ‘artist’ in order that extra equipment such as cases can be kept out of sight.

10. Specific ‘Artists’

MFMW draws upon a pool of extremely high calibre ‘artists’. The ‘artist[s]’ featured on MFMW’s website promotional material are representative. MFMW cannot guarantee that the ‘artist[s]’ engaged for the event will be the same as the ‘artists’ features on any of the media on MFMW’s website. MFMW reserves the right to decide which ‘artist[s]’ to engage for the event specified in the Booking Contract.

11. Force Majeure

Defined as war, fire, death, illness or other capacity certified by a properly qualified medical practitioner, epidemic, accident, civil commotion, national calamity, an order of Government or Local Authority having jurisdiction in the matter, changes in law, foreign government policy or act of God.

12. Data Protection

Safeguarding your information is important to us. We take the trust placed in us as an organisation very seriously and never pass on your information to third parties. Music For My Wedding is committed to ensuring the security and protection of the personal information that we process, and to provide a compliant and consistent approach to data protection. We have always had a robust and effective data protection programme in place which complies with existing law and abides by the data protection principles. However, we have recognised our obligations and have updated and expanded this programme to meet the demands of the GDPR and the UK’s Data Protection Bill.

" Their professionalism made this part of the wedding stress-free and enjoyable. We thoroughly recommend them to others. "

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" Learned the songs we requested and coped with us constantly alternating from sitting inside to outside all afternoon! I would definitely recommend. "

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" "It was amazing!! Thank you so so so much. Made the day!" "


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